Reggie Selma Journey

Get Your Lifestyle Mindset

Get ready for positive change as Leisa Hart guides you through two essential topics for personal and professional growth. First, we explore the art of cultivating a lifestyle mindset—discover how to align your daily habits and routines with your long-term goals, fostering a mindset that supports continuous growth and fulfillment. Then, we shift gears to tackle the essentials of creating a compelling business presentation or speech. Learn the key strategies for structuring your content, engaging your audience, and delivering your message with confidence and clarity. Whether you're aiming to enhance your personal development or elevate your professional skills, this episode is packed with insights to help you thrive. Tune in and transform your approach to life and business! 




Beat Anxiety by Breathing & Sleeping Better

Join us for a unique and energizing meditation designed specifically for drivers! In this episode, we'll guide you through a series of affirmations and visualizations to enhance your self-confidence and self-love. Feel the calmness wash over you as you inhale positivity and exhale stress. Picture a bright, golden light surrounding you, symbolizing your inner strength and worth.  Repeat empowering affirmations such as, "I am confident and capable," and, "I trust in my abilities to handle any situation on the road. "Stay focused and safe as you drive, with your attention gently on your breath and the road ahead. Visualize yourself as a skilled driver, making confident decisions, and arriving at your destination with pride and peace.This meditation is perfect for turning your daily commute into a moment of self-care and empowerment. Tune in to carry this newfound sense of self-confidence and self-love throughout your journey. Be well and enjoy the positive, uplifting energy this episode brings.

Surviving & Thriving Cancer Paul Studebaker

In this surprisingly uplifting episode, Leisa Hart interviews Paul Studebaker, who shares his inspiring journey of battling stage 4 lung cancer and his commitment to raising funds for cancer research. Despite his diagnosis, Paul thrives on a new targeted therapy, maintains an active lifestyle, and prepares for an 80's themed fundraising event called "The Greater Good" benefiting the V Foundation. Tune in to hear how Paul transforms adversity into hope, supported by a special message from sportscaster Dick Vitale. Don't miss this powerful story of resilience and community support.


Leisa Hart Opens Up About Her Struggles

Leisa Hart launches her first ever podcast on iHeartRadio! Best known for her Warner Brothers Buns of Steel Workout Series, Leisa's journey from seeking steel perfection to simply living taught her invaluable lessons about love and resilience. Revealing that our greatest strength lies within our vulnerability, in our willingness to embrace our own journey, no matter how screwed up and imperfect it may seem. ​This is a space where struggles become our greatest teachers, and solutions light our path forward.

Whether it's finding lifestyle balance, cultivating a growth mindset, nourishing our bodies and souls, navigating our careers with purpose and passion, or nurturing the relationships that matter most—together we’ll find the power that already lies within each of us.​  Let's live large and laugh together, in pursuit of our most authentic, powerful selves. Are you ready? Great! Let's ROLL!

Today she is joined by her mentor Rob Trube of StrategySimple who not only has helped her tremendously in business, but also so in life with his no BS approach and kind spirit. Leisa also interviews her niece Rae Day owner of Shady Lady Window Coverings in Houston, Texas about her successful and inspiring career despite quitting school in the 8th grade.