I'm your host Leisa Hart, best known for my Warner Brothers Buns of Steel Workout Series. My journey from seeking steel perfection to simply living taught me invaluable lessons about love and resilience. It's shown me that our greatest strength lies in our vulnerability, in our willingness to embrace our own journey, no matter how screwed up and imperfect it may seem and in our ability to laugh about it.

This is a space where struggles become our greatest teachers, and solutions light our path forward. Whether it's finding lifestyle balance, cultivating a growth mindset, nourishing our bodies and souls, navigating our careers with purpose and passion, or nurturing the relationships that matter most—together we’ll find the power that already lies within each of us. So, join me every Saturday right here on Talk Radio 1190 from 3pm to 5pm. Let's live large and laugh together, in pursuit of our most authentic, powerful selves. Are you ready? Great! Let's ROLL!