Lifestyles Unlimited is the expert real estate investing education and mentoring group that walks individuals through the process of creating passive income by effectively investing in residential real estate assets, from Single Family homes to large-scale Multifamily apartment communities; and connects like-minded investors!

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Your Path to Financial Freedom: Learning From Those Who’ve Walked the Walk

6 Simple Steps to Attain Top 5% Net Worth in the US

Mike Harrison shares six steps to place you in the US's top 5% of net worth. He emphasizes the importance of being willing to do what others won't to live a life others can't. Mike delves into the reality that only 7% of people in the U.S. are involved in real estate investing. Tune in for practical strategies to boost your net worth!

Real Estate vs. Stocks: Unveiling the Investment Advantage

According to the Federal Reserve, Americans have $41.19 trillion invested in real estate, surpassing the $35.33 trillion invested in stocks and mutual funds. Al Gordon emphasizes that despite this, the majority of Americans seeking financial freedom primarily invest in the stock market. He outlines why the wiser choice lies in real estate.

Breaking Free From Fear and Taking Action

Al Gordon challenges you to step beyond your comfort zone by dissecting the barriers preventing action. Overcoming apprehension towards real estate risks, time commitments, and financial prerequisites is pivotal for success in this field. Join the discussion to unlock strategies for conquering these fears and paving the way to thriving as a real estate investor.

Breaking Free: From Corporate Grind to 10x Wealth

Al Gordon delves into Geoff Z’s journey of escaping the corporate grind to find financial freedom. From attending a Lifestyles Unlimited event to leaving Corporate America behind, discover how Geoff multiplied his net worth tenfold and continues to build wealth through real estate, inspiring and empowering others to walk the path to financial independence. 

The Paradox of Fairness: How Life Isn’t Fair, Yet Opportunities Arise

Mike Harrison challenges fairness's paradoxical impact on life, revealing how it favors real estate investors. Despite laws' inequity, investors can seize opportunities, breaking free from societal conditioning. Discover how "fairness" can shape unequal paths to success.

Real Estate Succession Planning: Ensuring Your Legacy

Join Andy Webb as he delves into the crucial yet often overlooked topic of preparing your heirs and succession plans in real estate. Discover why so few people have adequate plans in place and explore strategies for ensuring a smooth transition. Learn about the importance of communication, education, and implementing effective systems to safeguard your legacy.

Your Path to Peak Performance in Real Estate Investing

Al Gordon delves into the concept of Peak Performance, stressing its importance for real estate investors. Achieving peak performance instills confidence, ownership, and mastery in any endeavor. Al reveals the key modalities essential for becoming a peak performer in real estate investing.

From Rags to Riches: Achieving a 366% Return in Real Estate

Al Gordon dissects the real estate numbers in a captivating rags-to-riches narrative. Picture owning a property for five years and reaping a staggering 366% return. Al meticulously outlines the process, offering a roadmap for replicating this success.

Unlocking Financial Freedom: From It Pro to Real Estate Mogul

Join Al Gordon as he chats with Vaibhav S., a former IT pro turned successful multifamily investor with 6,248 units in his portfolio. Discover how Vaibhav found his path to financial freedom through real estate education and mentorship.