Lifestyles Unlimited is the expert real estate investing education and mentoring group that walks individuals through the process of creating passive income by effectively investing in residential real estate assets, from Single Family homes to large-scale Multifamily apartment communities; and connects like-minded investors!

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(November 24, 2023) The Importance of Building a Financial Buffer | Lifestyles Unlimited

(November 24, 2023) What Real Estate Investing Pays by the Hour | Del Walmsley

Calculating the time and money put into each, Del Walmsley compares realistic returns from a college degree, rental house, apartment complex, and an apartment run by a management company, to see how much each of these methods will pay per hour invested. The results will shock you!

(November 23, 2023) The Veteran’s Journey to Financial Freedom | Lifestyles Unlimited

Al Gordon, a husband, father, and veteran, shares his journey from struggling with his retirement income to providing an amazing life for his family. His inspiring story highlights the power of perseverance and the transformative impact of taking control of your financial future.

(November 23, 2023) Create Your Own Path to Freedom | Del Walmsley

Del Walmsley provides insights on developing a personalized financial freedom program to live the life you desire. Achieve the quality of life you desire by doing what you want, whenever you want, and with whom you want.

(November 22, 2023) What's the Real Return on Your Savings Account? | Lifestyles Unlimited

Al Gordon exposes the shortcomings of conventional investments like savings accounts, 401(k)s, and bonds, highlighting their historically poor returns in contrast to real estate's reliable and outstanding performance. Gordon unveils tactics for achieving retirement within a five-year timeframe or even less.

(November 22, 2023) Decoding the Significance of Warren Buffett’s Multi-Billion-Dollar Sell-off | Del Walmsley

Del Walmsley analyzes the current market landscape, dissecting insights from The Market Insider article on Warren Buffet's multi-billion-dollar stock sell-off. He challenges listeners to assess their readiness: Will you seize opportunities when the real estate market crumbles, or remain immobilized by indecision?

(November 21, 2023) Becoming Real Estate Retired in Your 30s | Lifestyles Unlimited

Isaac Martinez shares with Al Gordon the journey of leaving a demanding W-2 job for real estate investing, achieving financial freedom, retiring with his wife in their 30s, and now enjoying ample family time in a life they love!

(November 21, 2023) Retire in 2 Years Using Single Family Assets | Del Walmsley

Join Al Gordon in conversation with Isaac Martinez, a Lifestyles Unlimited Mentor, as they explore how Isaac defied societal norms, retired in 2 years using Single Family assets, and achieved financial freedom in his 30s through a strategic real estate investment road map.

(November 20, 2023) Demise of the 401(k): A Prelude to the End | Lifestyles Unlimited

Mike Harrison reveals the truth behind who benefits from a 401(k) and the reasons behind a major global corporation’s surprising decision to eliminate it completely.

(November 20, 2023) Why We Choose Real Estate Over Any Other Investment Vehicle | Del Walmsley

“More is not better, better is better.” “It’s gotta have cash flow.” “Work on your business, not in your business.” Del Walmsley explains why each of these epiphanies dawned on him and how they became guide posts to real estate investing. From start to finish, Del crafts this show specifically for listeners needing a roadmap from financial and emotional strife to a business that builds a better life.