New York To Give Illegal Immigrants One-Time Payment Of Up To $15,600

The Democrat-controlled state legislature in New York passed a $2.1 billion aid package for illegal immigrants in the state.

The state will now offer a one-time payment of up to $15,600 to illegal immigrants who lost work during the pandemic.

Democrat State Senator Jessica Ramos tells the New York Times, “I’ve met neighbors who have not been able to pay rent, or put food on the table, or been able to provide their children with a laptop when a public school has not been able to provide one.”

The Times reports:

"Undocumented workers could receive up to $15,600, the equivalent of $300 per week for the last year, if they can verify that they were state residents, ineligible for federal unemployment benefits and lost income as a result of the pandemic.
Others who can prove at least their residency and identity, and provide some work documentation, could be eligible for a lower sum up to $3,200.
The proposal found support in the Democratic-controlled State Senate and Assembly, especially among progressives who had argued for relief for more than a year. In the months leading up to the budget deadline, undocumented immigrants sought to draw attention to their cause."

Republican State Sen. Rob Ortt blasted the plan, pointing out that “Democrats are raising taxes and using your federal stimulus dollars to enact a radical agenda rather than helping veterans, small main street businesses, teachers and senior citizens.”