Lindsey Graham Visits Border To Show Holes In The Wall

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham tweeted video of his recent visit to the Arizona border.

Graham pointed out that the Biden administration has stopped construction on a section of border wall. He shows video of the border wall with gaps that he says:

“I’ve been told that they’ve been informed, ordered, to stop plugging this hole which makes this entire wall almost useless...
They’re having to use labor-intensive efforts of manpower. They’re having people watch and ATVs going up and down. If they would just build these two panels, they could take those resources and apply it somewhere else."

He adds, whether you’re Republican, Democrat, vegetarian, libertarian -- it makes no sense to build a wall with a hole in it.”

Appearing on Hannity, Sen. Graham pointed out that Biden’s immigration policies make "zero sense" and were aimed at dismantling enhanced border security that was working under the Trump administration. He said, “this is all being changed because the left is demanding open borders. I predict this that immigration will be a bigger issue than 2022 then it was in 2016."