Florida Man Facing Felony Charges After Trying To Withdraw 1 Cent From Bank

Michael Fleming

Photo: Sumter County Sheriff's Office

A Florida man was arrested after trying to withdraw a single cent from a bank. The Sumter County Sheriff's Office said that 41-year-old Michael Flemming walked into a Chase bank on Saturday (June 29) with a withdrawal slip for one penny.

He handed the slip to the teller, but she told him that he couldn't withdraw just one cent. The man got upset and refused to leave, allegedly telling her, "So you want me to say the other word?"

The teller, fearing Flemming might get violent, called the police.

When officers arrived, Flemming was taken into custody without incident. After being read his Miranda rights, he agreed to speak freely with detectives.

While most of the conversation Flemming had with the teller was redacted in the arrest report, investigators determined they had probable cause to charge him with felony robbery.

Flemming was then transported to Sumter County Detention Center, where he remains jailed on a $5,000 bond.

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