Backcountry Camper Killed After Lightning Bolt Struck His Tent

Incredible sky with lightning and tent

Foto: Getty Images

22-year-old man was killed while camping near Yellowstone National Park. The Teton County Sheriff's Office said the man was part of a group of 14 people with the National Outdoor Leadership School who were camping near Enos Lake in the Teton Wilderness when a storm blew over the area.

bolt of lightning struck the man's tent, killing the 22-year-old and leaving another adult with major injuries. The other members of the group began performing CPR as they waited for rescuers to arrive.

Teton County Search & Rescue dispatched a helicopter to the area, but it took over an hour to reach the secluded area where they were camping. The 22-year-old was declared dead, and the helicopter airlifted the other victim out of the backcountry to a waiting ambulance. Officials did not provide any information about his injuries or his condition.

The helicopter returned and transported the deceased victim to a local airport, where the Teton County Coroner was waiting.

Two members of the search and rescue team stayed behind with the other members of the group until the next morning. By then, two other members of the group needed to be airlifted from the backcountry because they were unable to complete the 12-mile hike out of the wilderness.

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