Most People Don't Negotiate Job Offers

While salary is at the top or near the top of the list of priorities when trying to get a new job, most people don’t negotiate to get more money. Data shows that 56% of people don’t attempt to negotiate their salary when offered a job. The reason? Most of us feel uncomfortable asking for more money and are afraid the employer will decide not to hire them.

Meanwhile, 53% of employers actually are willing to negotiate salaries on initial job offers for entry-level positions and 52% say that they typically offer a lower salary than they’re willing to pay. In fact, more than a quarter of employers say their initial offer is $5,000 less than what they are actually willing to give up. In other words - there’s always room to negotiate.

When accepting a job people should ask questions about the base salary and when they will be evaluated for a promotion. You can also remind your employer of your experience and education and explain why you are worth more. Also remember there are other factors outside of salary, including benefits, vacation time, flexibility, opportunities for development and perks.

Source: Washington’s Top News

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