Sam Smith Discusses His Gender Fluidity

Sam Smith is opening up about his gender fluidity in a new interview with “The Sunday Times.” 

In case you missed it, Sam was asked whether he was cisgender, a person whose gender corresponds to the sex assigned at birth, and he referred to his two Venus tattoos, and noted, "No. I mean, I've got these tattoos on my fingers," adding, "I don't know what the title would be, but I feel just as much woman as I am a man." 

In fact, Sam says when he was younger he identified with stars like Boy George and even Marilyn Monroe, sharing, “there was one moment in my life where I didn't own a piece of male clothing, really. I would wear full makeup every day in school, eyelashes, leggings with Dr. Martens and huge fur coats — for two and a half years."

Sam says he worried about coming out when he released his debut album “In the Lonely Hour,” out of a “ fear of saying the wrong thing and offending.” It also bothered him that early in his career he was known as a “gay singer,” explaining, “I didn't want that. I wanted to be seen as a singer first before people spoke about my private life." But, he notes that things are different now, explaining, "And now it's changed — I've changed. I realize that maybe I don't mind that title.”

Source: The Sunday Times

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