Niger Ambush Caused By “Massive Intelligence Failure”

DOD Secretary Mattis And Chairman Of Joint Chiefs Dunford Testify On Budget To Senate Committee

There are still so many unresolved questions about the ambush in Niger of October 4th – and leaving four American Special Ops soldiers dead. While investigators continue digging through the investigation, a senior congressional aide, who spoke to NBC on the condition of anonymity, says the incident stemmed in part from a "massive intelligence failure." When we’ll find out more is anyone’s guess.

Senate Intelligence Committee member James Lankford says he's frustrated at not getting the full story over how four U.S. soldiers died in Niger [[nye-JEHR]]. The Oklahoma Republican tells CBS's "Face the Nation" it's to the point where they're receiving conflicting stories. Lankford says, "We want to be able to get the full, accurate story and get it right." The attack is raising questions especially since the U.S. Army operates drone bases in Niger and has significant intelligence resources there.

Meanwhile, Senator John McCain, who chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, met with Defense Secretary James Mattis on Friday, says getting answers will just take some time. McCain summoned Mattis to his office and afterward said there is still much to be learned about the tragedy. McCain has accused the Trump administration of not being completely forthcoming and threatened subpoenas before Mattis agreed to a private meeting.

Source: NBC News

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