The Craziest Excuses For Coming In Late To Work

While you may think it’s okay to show up to work a little late as long as you get your job done, the truth is your boss probably doesn’t feel the same way. 

A new survey by AccounTemps finds that only 10% of CFOs are fine with workers being tardy as long as it doesn’t affect productivity, while 47% say being late on occasion isn’t an issue, and 43% believe workers need to be on time so others can rely on them during specific hours.

Overall, 58% of workers say they're occasionally late for work while 7% admit they're always late. Not surprising, older employees tend to be better when it comes to time, with 54% of those 55 and over saying they're never late to work, while only 36% of those 35 to 54 and 23% of those 18 to 34 say the same.

And yes, there are sometimes where folks have a good excuse for being late, but on a lot of occasions people come up with some really oddball reasons why they couldn’t make it into the office on time. Lucky for us, some CFOs are sharing the strangest excuses they’ve heard. They include: 

  • "I drove to my old job out of habit."
  • "I thought I was still on vacation."
  • "I had nothing to wear."
  • "I thought it was Saturday."
  • My hair got caught in a fan."
  • "I super-glued my eye thinking it was contact solution."
  • "Geese chased me on my way to the car."
  • My cat delivered its litter of kittens."
  • "Someone spilled their coffee all over me on the way to work."
  • "I was stuck in an elevator with a kid that pushed the buttons for all of the floors."
  • A truck full of fish flipped over on the highway."
  • "My dog ate my car keys."
  • "I got locked in the gas station restroom and had to wait for someone to get me out."

Source: AccounTemps

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