MLB Will Allow Players to Wear Nicknames on Jerseys for 'Players Weekend'

The MLB will relax the rules on attire for Players Weekend, which will take place on August 25th through the 27th. The rules will allow players to sport their favorite nicknames on the backs of jerseys. 

According to Jeff Passon's report at Yahoo! Sports, the jerseys will be available for sale. Proceeds will go to the Youth Development Foundation.

More from Passon:

Players long have sought to express their personal style on the field and capitalize on the intersection of fashion and sports in a way other leagues don’t allow, and the result will be a test of boundaries baseball may be inclined to stretch in the future depending on the weekend’s success.

Players will have the option to wear a jersey with a nickname – though they are limited to just one, according to the memo, and “inappropriate or offensive” nicknames will be banned.

The items with minimal color restrictions include spikes, batting gloves, wristbands, compression sleeves and catcher’s masks. The colors, according to the memo, must avoid interfering with the game and an umpire’s ability to make a call. White gloves, wristbands and sleeves are prohibited.

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