WATCH: Lonzo Ball Roasts Father in New Foot Locker Ad

Foot Locker's new Father's Day commercial features NBA prospects recounting lovely memories from their fathers...except Lonzo Ball. 

LaVar Ball, father of top NBA prospect Lonzo Ball, has been in the middle of many media firestorms after comments he's made regarding his son. The praise of his son has often been paired with insults to others, leaving many questioning if his outspoken opinions are an unfortunate detriment to his son's future in basketball. 

In the new Foot Locker commercial, which is set to air during the NBA draft, prospects Jayson Tatum, Jonathan Isaac, and De'Aaron Fox share sweet memories of their supportive fathers. The intimate reflections are interrupted by Lonzo Ball's hilariously dry, dead-panned, reflections of his father's statements .