Dallas Suburbs Top List of Best Places to Raise a Family in Texas

SmartAsset, a New York based financial technology company, released the 2017 list of The Best Places to Raise a Family in Texas. While, the Dallas area did not take the top spot,  the majority of the top 10 were Dallas based suburbs. 

1. Leander

2. Frisco

3. Southlake 

4. McKinney

5. Mansfield

6. Grapevine

7. Keller

8. Georgetown

9. Round Rock

10. Pearland

SmartAsset analyzed 87 different cities with a population of at least 25,000. The metrics used to complete the study were family poverty rate, average deficit for families in poverty, median monthly housing costs, median household income, 5-year median home value change, high school graduation rate, percent of the population under the age of 20, unemployment rate, property crime rate , violent crime rate, percent of students taking AP exams, and percent of students taking AP exams who score at least a 3.

The study also concluded that the top 10 is compiled mostly of wealthy cities; with the annual income averaging close to six figures. 

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