North Texas Toll Rates Will Increase July 1

Effective July 1, TollTag rates will adjust a penny per mile. The increase is from a biennial toll rate schedule approved back in 2009 and means Tollway users will see a higher bill. If you use ZipCash, you could be paying 50% more than TollTag members and NTTA is urging non-members to sign-up before July 1.

From the NTTA website:

NTTA does not receive tax dollars to operate and maintain its toll roads, which relieve congestion and provide mobility throughout the region. Tolls are a “pay-as-you go” method to recover costs from only those drivers who use the road. Tolls also go toward quality maintenance of existing tollways and NTTA’s safety and service programs.

Drivers should watch for maintenance crews changing toll rate signs in the coming weeks. New rates will not take effect until July 1. You can view the new toll rates by visiting

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