'The Mummy' Premieres to Harsh Reviews

A $125 million dollar budget, an a-list celebrity, and a remake of a popular franchise. Sounds good on paper, right? 

Unfortunately, the three ingredients for the perfect summer blockbuster did not mix well in this case. The reviews are pouring in for Tom Cruise's Reboot of The Mummy Franchise and they are not friendly.

David Ehrlich from IndieWire

All of this is to say that not only is “The Mummy” the worst movie that Tom Cruise has ever made, it’s also obviously the worst movie that Tom Cruise has ever made — it stands out like a flat note on a grand piano. 

John DeFore from The Hollywood Reporter

Sure, it's hard to muster anything like desire for another Dark Universe flick after seeing this limp, thrill-free debut. But who knows? Maybe shifting gears to a female protagonist in 2019's Bride of Frankenstein will do the trick.

Geoffrey Macnab from Independent (UK)

Whenever the action stops, though, the film becomes derivative and empty headed, Strip away the bandages and there really isn't very much here at all.

Pretty harsh, but Mummy fans shouldn't panic just yet. There are plenty of blockbusters that have exceeded their budget to the chagrin of it's critics. Right, Transformers? Let's just hope, for Universal's sake, they break even. 

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