Tragic Ending To The Story Of "Spirit"

Everyone is heartbroken after the latest update on the Wylie, Texas puppy that survived many injuries in public from its owner, Andrew Callaway, this past weekend.

Witnesses said that they saw the dog crying while getting "stomped" and "kicked" by its owner in public. Other sources say that they saw Andrew Callaway throw the innocent puppy against a neighbors home and then continue to abuse the puppy even after it was crying that it had enough.

Despite the abuse, the dog who was named "Diesel" still had enthusiasm about life while in the care of Wylie Animal Control awaiting surgery on his hips and back legs. After seeing his enthusiasm and trust in other people despite what he had just gone through, they renamed him "Spirit".

The owner, Andrew Callaway, 27, was arrested and charged with Cruelty to Non-Livestock Animals. He was recently bonded out of the Collin County Detention Facility on a $15,000 bond. 

According to the Police, new charges could be coming.

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