Caretaker Charged With First-Degree Murder

22-Year-Old Caretaker Charged With First-Degree Murder of 16-Month-Old Child

Be careful who you leave your children with! 

16-month-old Benjamin Kingan was supposed to be in good hands with his 22-year-old caretaker at a suburban day care center called Minee-Subee Day Care Center in Lincolnshire. Later, Police were shocked when the caretaker admitted that she killed the little boy by throwing him on the ground on Wednesday, where he suffered a severe fracture to the top of his head. When Police investigator showed up to the incident, they found Benjamiun with his blanket and pacifier in his favorite bouncy chair, "where he was found cuddled up and unresponsive less than half-an-hour later".

The caretaker, Melissa Calusinski,  has been charged with first-degree murder and is being held on $5 million bond.

Credit: NBC-Chicago

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