Mayor Turner Goes After Small Businesses With His Silly “Wall Of Shame”

Mayor Turner earlier this month, wonder why no one take him seriously when he demands everyone else wear masks, socially distance and not go to events with large crowds.

During his press conference yesterday, Mayor Turner announced that he placed three businesses on his “Wall of Shame” for not following the unilateral orders dictated by himself and the governor. Nothing like an elected official using the weight of the government to punish a small business not for doing something that it not illegal, but something that official deems 'wrong'.

These businesses that should be supported are:

-Spire Night Club at 1720 Main St

-Pour Behavior at 2211 Travis St.

-Prospect Park at 31000 Fountain View Dr.

As the Czar put it, "these 3 just earned millions in free advertisement from me."

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