Fort Worth Museum of Science and History Floods After Pipes Burst

Parts of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History were damaged on Wednesday when winter weather caused pipes to burst.

Photos and video from the museum's Facebook page show water pouring out of the ceiling.

Museum employees are now trying to salvage what they can and determine how bad the damage is.

"Our museum experienced this once-in-a-generation event with significant flooding," Chief Public Engagement Officer Dr. Doug Roberts told NBC DFW. "The staff in the building jumped into action to stop the water and save equipment from damage, but it is going to take a long time to clean up."

Most of the damage is in the Museum School, the Academy of Digital Learning Laboratory, the museum store, DinoLabs, and several offices. None of the museum's collections were damaged.

The museum is currently closed because of COVID-19, but it is asking for donations to help with the water damage.

Photo: Fort Worth Museum of Science and History