On air Schedule

KFXR Full Schedule 

Monday through Friday 11/4/19 through 11/8/19

12am to 3am - Free Talk Live 

     (Pre-recorded off Satellite for Playback)

3am to 5am- American Stories* 

5am to 7:30am -  Michael Berry* 

   (Pre – recorded program downloaded by Diamond) 

7:30am to 9am - Money Sense At Opening Bell

(Live program produced by Brian or Anthony M-F)

9am to 12pm - Russ Martin Show 

   (Clo produces and loads breaks for playback) 

12pm to 1pm - One Life Radio 

    (Diamond Gray Produces Live broadcast) 

1pm to 2pm - The Del Walmsley Show* 

    (Lifestyles Unlimited Via Satellite receiver for Playback)

2pm to 5pm - Michael Berry Show Replay 

   (Diamond downloads morning segments) 

5pm to 7pm - Michael Berry Show Live

   (Show sent down the line from Houston)  

7pm to 10pm -The Guy Benson Show(Fox) 

   (Via Fox News) 

10pm to 12am - American Stories 

Texas Tech Football 9th Game

November 9th 10am to 4pm


12am to 3am - Free Talk Live 

     (Pre-recorded off Satellite for Playback) 

3am to 5am - American Stories*

5am to 8am - Best of Michael Berry* 

8am to 10am - Automotive 411

(Live program produced by Anthony)    

10am to 12pm - Ask the Experts

(Live program produced and hosted by Anthony)

12pm to 1pm - The Stepback Sports Show

(Live program produced by Matt and Ty)

1pm to 3pm - Money Pit Home Improvement*

3pm to 4pm - Healthy Living Healthy Planet*

4pm to 5pm - The Daily Dive*

(This is an I Heart Weekend Program that autoloads)

5pm to 7pm - Our American Stories*

7pm to 9pm - Cigar Dave*

9pm to Mid - Best of Michael Berry*


12am to 5am - Free Talk Live 

     (Pre-recorded off Satellite for Playback) 

5am to 7am - Best of Money Pit*

7am to 8am - Our American Stories*

8am to 8:30am - Sunday Morning Magazine* 

8:30am to 9am - Weekend Buzz*

9am to 10am - Extreme Genes*

10am to 10:30am - Diamond Hearts Theme Parks*

10:30am to 11am - Best of Program*

11am to 12pm - Jenna Ryan Show

(Live program produced by Matt Cather)

12pm to 1pm - The GYST Show w/ Jason Ellis*

(Live program produced by Matt Cather)

1pm to 4pm - Gun Talk  

     (Live via Satellite) 

4pm to 5pm - I Heart Podcast Program*

5pm to 7pm - Best of Money Pit*

(This is placeholder for Race Talk returning mid March)

7pm to 8pm - Sports Talk

(Program produced by Warren Schorr)

8pm to 9pm - Extreme Genes*

9pm to Midnight - Gun Talk


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